GDC Group was founded in 2000, and went public in HKEx Growth Enterprise Market in August 2003 (stock code: 8271 HK). GDC has always been the leading company engaging in 3D digital contents and cultural industry in China and even in Asia. With state of the art 3D digital production and management system, GDC has taken a dominant place in the digital culture industry in China. GDC can independently create, develop, produce and distribute various types of multimedia digital products, and succeeds in opening up the overseas market to promote Chinese cultural products. GDC was awarded in 7 consecutive times the “ key enterprises for China's cultural export”. Numerous works have won professional awards and reputations at home and abroad, and received high regard from Hollywood and European film makers and publishers.

Over the years, GDC has created a series of successful IP, including “Little Submarines” with the theme of ocean exploration; the “T-GUARDIANS” in a doll world full of childlike innocence; the “Soldier ShunLiu” with the theme of the military, a movie about puzzle and growth; the “Super Three” making people roar with laughter; the China's first 3D sci-fi epics “ Thru The Moebius Strip”, which is an interstellar adventure film.

Going forward, GDC will undergo a business transformation which is empowered by IP and driven by Cloud Platform. GDC will focus on New Cultural Space Investment and Operation and CG Creation and Production. With full support from Shougang Group, GDC will be able to offer one stop digital content solution for city renovation, through the integration of digital visual system and known IP.